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Salon etiquette

I strive to do my best and provide the highest quality service possible to my Guests. In order to ensure this for everyone and to make your own time spent here pleasant as well, please read the below salon etiquette:

  • Appointments: services require prior registration. You can book an appointment via phone, Messenger, Viber, or the online appointment system on Facebook and our website, and of course in person at the end of your treatment. If I have a guest I can’t pick up the phone, in which case I’ll definitely call you back at a later moment.
  • Free parking is available in front of the salon, but if you wish, I can provide a parking space for you in the backyard.
  • When you arrive at the salon, in the hallway you can place your coat on the rack. Here you can change from street shoes to guest slippers. Since salon hygiene is important to me, please don’t forget to leave your street shoes in the hallway.
  • For my treatments, I always provide you with a dressing gown to make you feel more comfortable. It is possible to shower in the salon, but if you prefer not to, I also provide you with intimate hygiene products in the bathroom.
  • If you arrive earlier, you can wait in the lounge. Free WIFI, TV, newspapers, cell phone charging possibility are available for a more comfortable waiting time. Naturally, I’ll provide you with coffee, tea and a water dispenser.
  • It is forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages in the salon area and I am obliged to refuse treatment in case of an appearance in an alcoholic/drugged state.
  • Smoking inside the salon is forbidden, there is a designated smoking area in the courtyard.
  • Cancellations should be arranged up to 24 hours prior to the appointment date, except in case of illness or exceptional occurrence. If without agreeing on a cancellation you do not show up twice, unfortunately I cannot provide you further appointments. If you are late, please let me know as soon as possible. If you are delaying a lot, we may not be ready and the result may not be perfect.
  • According to professional protocol, treatment can only be provided to healthy guests, so please let me know in case of any illness for the benefit of other guests and for your own safety.