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intimgyanta pécs szőrtelenítés cukorpaszta

PANDHY'S SugarEase Sugar Film

PANDHY’S ™ SugarEase Sucromer Cukorfilm® is a special sugar-based depilatory formula that combines the gentleness and effectiveness of omnipotent sugaring with the ease of waxing.

How is sugar film hair removal different?

PANDHY'S SugarEase Sugar Film

Sugar film is a completely hypoallergenic material, largely made of sugar molecules, which is able to penetrate, is extremely flexible, does not stick to living skin cells, it is effective against even short hairs, regardless of their texture, and naturally removes hair in the direction of growth.

The sugar film has a pleasant temperature, it is almost completely painless to have its hair removed, and the skin feeling after the treatment is great.

Being largely sugar, the substance allows us to go back to an area as many times as necessary, without causing any unwanted reactions on the skin.