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Dermaviduals reference salon

Dermaviduals – where beauty and science meet

Dermaviduals – where beauty and science meet
Dermaviduals is a German medical cosmetology product line. Its philosophy is Corneotherapy – the science of preserving and restoring healthy skin. Its products are skin-identical, so they do not cause any allergic reaction or irritation, not even on sensitive skin.
The product line belongs to the group of creative cosmetics, which means that during the treatments we always prepare the cosmetics from the base creams and active ingredients according to the current skin condition. The active ingredients are delivered by liposomes and nanosomes into the skin layers, ensuring the best possible absorption.
These cosmetics are free from preservatives, fragrances, emulsifiers, petroleum and paraben derivatives, and animals are not used for their testing.

If it is the most important for you too to maintain and restore the health of your skin, look for Dermaviduals treatments and home products here!