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intimgyanta pécs szőrtelenítés cukorpaszta

PANDHY’S™ Sugaring Paste

Offers a perfect and durable solution for all skin and hair types. It removes even very short or ingrown hairs effectively and gently.

Based on ancient Middle Eastern recipes, this sugar-water brew is prepared according to a patented procedure without the addition of acid (lemon).

Why is it important to avoid (citric) acid?


First of all, because a material of stable consistency is needed for the manual technique, also because the pore-tightening effect of citric acid is specifically contrary to the principle of the PANDHY’S ™ depilatory procedure, and because citric acid increases the sensitivity of the skin to light and in extreme cases can cause allergies.

The sugaring paste consists exclusively of natural substances, water and sugar, and it does not contain any chemical, fragrance or coloring substances.

It is hypoallergenic, it doesn’t cause skin irritation and those with a sweet tooth can even eat it!

The paste wraps around the hairs and flows into the follicle to a certain depth. The extraction in the growth direction is complete, leaving no broken hair in the follicle.

It can be removed perfectly from the skin, textiles and any other material or surface with lukewarm water, thus cleaning after treatment is easy, there is no the need for the use of different chemicals.

Forget the outdated waxing... it's time to think differently about depilation!

Key cosmetic features of PANDHY'S ™ Massage Sugar:

  • There is no need to grow hairs for a long time  1-2 mm length is enough for the removal
  • Longer-lasting hairlessness  We can even remove hairs already in the anagen phase
  • Minimal pain  The sugaring paste removes the hairs in the direction of their growth

  • No ingrown hairs  It does not tear the hairs off, so no ingrown hairs are formed

  • It also removes ingrown hairs
    It also collects dead skin cells by penetrating the follicles

  • It also removes ingrown hairs
    It also collects dead skin cells by penetrating the follicles
  • No irritation, no redness It does not adhere to live skin

  • It is of body temperature It’s not hot, it does not burn

  • Allergies can be excluded
    Pure sugar + water brew, without citric acid
  • At the same time it is a wonderful peeling as well It collects dead epithelial cells to give a velvety result.

  • A Hungarian Product Grand Prize winning product and procedure Recognised with several national and international awards