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Acid exfoliating treatment

intimgyanta pécs szőrtelenítés cukorpaszta

Acid exfoliating treatment

Acid exfoliation is an innovative skin rejuvenation process that gently yet effectively removes dead, no longer regenerating skin cells from the skin that impede proper breathing, metabolism and absorption of cosmetics.

As a believer in the use of individual, personalized treatments and active ingredients in skin care, this is no different with acid exfoliating treatments.

I have chosen a product family that can treat different skin problems individually with a wide range of different types and concentrations of acids.

In which cases is acid exfoliation recommended?

What is the effect of acid treatment?

Acid exfoliating treatments should be used as a cure, depending on the problem, 6-8 times are required.

Price of the treatment: 11500 HUF

If you buy a season ticket, the 6th time is a gift after the 5th time.