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Useful advices

Useful tips before/after hair removal

  • the length of the hairs should ideally be 5-15 mm. If they are shorter than this we cannot remove them completely, but if they are much longer then during the application the wax or sugaring paste can pull them. In order to avoid this, the hairs are short trimmed before depilation.
  • hygiene is very important during depilation, so pre-treatment showering (especially in the case of intimate hair removal) is recommended. If you don’t want to bother with this, you can use an intimate wipe for cleaning so it won’t be unpleasant for you to get undressed.
  • to prevent hair ingrowth it is recommended to use a skin scrub regularly – even in sensitive areas
  • it is advised to avoid sunbathing, solarium, and due to sweating, also exercise, sauna and hot baths within 24 hours following depilation
  • for ladies, during the time of their period, depilation is not prohibited but the skin can be more sensitive, thus the process also can be more painful